Study 80


(Translation from FEMINA No.40, 1961)


Prospect On Pollen

T60, a microbiological digest (soluble extract) of a pollen extract, is today subject to great attention within the medical world. In connection with certain infectious complaints it has proved superior to antibiotics and altogether it offers interesting aspects on the possibilities of our finally obtaining an effective drug which promotes the ability of the body to mobilize forces needed, to kill a bacterial or viral culture.

Ingrid Ericson
A Gagarin travels out in space and the sensation makes mankind intoxicated with happiness with the new prospects and worlds of excitement opened up by the blast off. But a few million pollen grains cross our way on their space trip and nothing else happens but some of us are horrified at the onset of hay fever. The pollen does not give subject matter for any fascinating faction, does not create mass psychoses or release primitive hero worship-it just exists in its microscopical smallness and quietness. Yet the pollen in fact is a sensational factor maybe of greater dimension than a human space traveler. Maybe the answer to our most urgent question.

That pollen could give us the answer how life actually arose is a romantic theory. Of course, no scientist would dream of expressing thoughts in that direction publicly at the stage pollen research stands today. We can only note that pollen is subject to intensive research in laboratories around the world and that results have not been absent. In other words quite a lot is proved, and much remains to be proved. And so we laymen are free to read between the lines and theorize-anyway we are sure that we are not concerned purely with utopian ideas.

In a report from the Cernelle Company in Vegeholm, published in Femina No.4, 1957, we rendered an account of how it is possible for a scientist today to pursue a rational pollen research program. Accordingly it was the founder Gosta Carlsson who realized the desire of the scientist to have an unlimited and stable supply of pure pollen at their disposal, and it is these two who first should receive thanks from mankind. Earlier it was impossible to obtain an accurate analysis of pollen, partly because the material was not available in the large amounts needed and partly because the time available to work on the material was so short, since the pollen grain did not last without the outer membrane.

Now however these difficulties have been eliminated and the Cernelle company has outgrown its swaddling-clothes and is striding out into international arenas. They still remain the sole collectors and distributors of pure pollen on a big scale, in the world, but they are now also manufacturing a number of their own drugs, the T60 preparations. The ultra-up-to-date laboratories keep their doors open to foreign and domestic research scientists. Tests with the T60 preparations and future development is controlled by asst. prof. Hans Palmstierna, Bacteriological Institution, the Karolinska Institute.

Why Just Pollen?
The bees have the ability to do what we cannot, that is to make a sex-determination beforehand. The larvae, which are to become queen bees, are consistently fed a well-balanced meal consisting of a pollen and honey. Why just pollen? The analysis gave a plain answer on behalf of the bees; pollen is a perfect building material for the cells. All known vitamins occur, more than a score of amino acids, lipoids or fats and minerals together with enzymes, coenzymes and growth hormones plus a number of substances of a biochemical nature not so far identified. Thus it is seen that the pollen is extremely complicated, and why it works as it does on the human system is hard to define. But nevertheless the T60 preparations are subject to great medical attention thanks to the astonishing results effected with them. The effective part of the T60 preparations is made from a standardized mixture of a type of pure pollen, which is extracted by a dissolving agent and then exposed to Autolys (self reaction) combined with controlled digestion by micro-organisms. The T60 preparations are thus microbiological digests of a pollen extract. All modern laboratory tests have been done with these, and they have been tested on mice and rabbits and so on. No secondary effects have been proved-not even when they have been tested on pollen allergies. And best of all is, that despite the fact that the pollen has been exposed to such extensive tests so that all secondary effects have been eliminated, none of the effective contents have been destroyed but exist unadulterated in the prepared T60.

Effective Against Infections
Already at an early stage it was found that T60 was effective in connection with infections. When the so called "Asian Flu" raged a few years ago one could shorten the fever period considerably by administering preparations by T60, and in hospitals the preventing effects of the pollen preparations in similar cases of risk of infection have also been noted. But T60 really came to the attention in the medical world when Professor Erik Ask-Upmark reported his experiences of T60 in connection with prostate (Svenska Lakartidningen/The Swedish Medical Journal/1959; 56; 1840, No. 26). The prostate, which especially effects elderly men, has so far been regarded as an illness difficult to cure and not even strong doses of antibiotics have been able to cure it. Often there are frequent relapses with a chronic final stage. On top of that the prostate is painful, very exhausting and psychologically quite upsetting. But it was by a mere chance that Professor Ask-Upmark had his attention directed to the pollen preparations. A man in his fifties fell ill with an acute prostate in May, 1952. It abated after a month but recurred repeatedly at 6-8 week intervals. Chloromycetin was the only thing which could turn the tide of this acute case, but it could not prevent recurrence, despite the fact that at one stage as much as 150 gram chloromycetin was used during a period of two months. Only once did it take nearly three months before recurrence appeared but this, longer interval was after a cystotomy. In May, 1957, the patient started on his own accord to take 6 pollen tablets a day to strengthen himself since he felt tired. Since then he has not had more than one recurrence. That was in the beginning and in connection with a journey when he skipped the pollen preparation for a fortnight.

After Professor Ask-Upmark's observations prostate patients at the Urological Clinic in Lund and in few other places have also been treated with pollen preparations and good results have been attained. In these cases a variant of T60, Cernilton®, which is available both in fluid form and in pills was used. T60 is an ethical drug according to the rules of the Medical Board concerning registering of preparations as medicines. One could ask why an entirely poison free and non habit forming remedy should be available only on prescription, and with Professor Ask-Upmark we can also wonder why all the T60 preparations are not on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme.

An Interesting Theory
What exactly happens in the organism when it comes into contact with T60? Something rather revolutionary must happen since not even antibiotics vindicate themselves in this context. Well, exactly what happens we don't know yet. But with tests on bacteria cultures at least one interesting theory came to light. Two bacteria cultures of the same bacteria flora were used. To one was added antibiotics and to the other T60. As expected the bacteria flora died from the antibiotics-but it happily lived on with the T60. In a few tests the bacteria flora even developed together with the T60. Thus without further ado one can point out the fact that T60 does not have the same qualities as antibiotics. T60 acts neither checking nor killing a bacterial flora. At this stage we also know that an antibiotic after certain usage creates immunity towards just that type of antibiotic used which also occurs with the sulpha preparations. But this is not the case with T60. It is life promoting in the highest degree, and so far we can at least theoretically suppose that what happens when the organisms comes into contact with T60 is that the natural defense mechanism is activated in such a way that it becomes possible for the organism itself to mobilize the forces needed in order to destroy a bacteria culture. Strengthening the theory about the activating of the organism are the good results obtained within the geriatrics with the aid of T60 preparations. In a number of homes for the aged a definite mental activating and a general improvement of the physical health has been noticed after regular doses of Cernilton®. The old, who before the treatment with Cernilton® had been sitting doing nothing and were disinterested in the world around them, have afterwards been much more alert and shown a considerable interest in their environment.

Considering that we are becoming a community of predominantly old people it would be wonderful if the less comfortable aging symptoms could be made easier. It has also been shown that the body more easily utilizes other valuable substances if they are given in combination with T60. Ground bones for instance are very difficult for the body to absorb, but in combination with T60 and vitamins A and D the body can utilize up to 85 per cent of the calcium. The tablet, as it has been called, has given very good results in connection with pregnancy where the possibility of albumin cramps has been eliminated by giving the body sufficient amounts of calcium, phosphorus, fluoride and vitamins. And because of the great value of calcium and fluoride the skeleton and tooth formation the effect of the tablets has of course also been studied by dentists. The tablets have been shown effective when it comes to preventing tooth decay, and the Medical Board is going to raise the question about the suitability of making an obligatory supplement to school meals.

Thus the T60 preparations have seriously come into the medical limelight here at home, in the rest of Scandinavia and Europe and in both North and South America. The survey done on T60 in connection with a test of American football players is considered sensational. Dr. Charles E. Noyes was the leader of the experiment, which was carried out in Maitland, Florida. Thirty football players from Winter Park High School were divided in two groups, one half got the ordinary multivitamin tablets while the other got pollen tablets or Pollisport™, as they are called when sold abroad. The group receiving pollen tablets showed an increase in weight at the end of the season, which is remarkable. Here the weight increase must have meant an activating of the cells in the muscle mass. On top of that it was found that these boys had a greater resistance against infections-according to the statistics only one day's illness because of a cold and seven because of influenza. The corresponding numbers for the ordinary vitamin group were respectively sixteen and eighteen. And while doctors and researchers around the world are busy finding out the possibilities of the already available T60 preparations, the research in AB Cernelle Laboratories is still going on under high pressure. Now more can be extracted from the pollen than ever before, and the latest news is a number of fat soluble substances, green in color and with a local anesthetic effect. The designation is T60. So far it only comes in as a constituent of T60 healing ointment. Besides the great project which is the collecting of pollen and the manufacturing of medicines, a series of cosmetic preparations based on T60 have also been made up under the leadership of pharmacist Erich Paul Tonisson. We are grateful for the low prices of these cosmetics-thus it is possible for all women to give their complexion the biologically correct stimulant it needs for cell regeneration and the normalizing of these cells.

Biologically correct. Well, nothing could be more right than the composition of pollen. All constituents well balanced in nature's own ingenious laboratory in harmony with all cells of the organism. And the scientists have got a field of research so extensive that they seem to shun the closing of the accounts. But their adventure is great, and the more doors opened up to nature's secret chambers the more stupefying the discoveries. But don't let us get quasi-scientifically romantic-the existing facts are sufficient. The prospects on pollen are more sensational than the prospects on the moon. To us earth creatures...