Study 53

Influence of a high fat diet on the rabbit's heart muscle

Changes having been caused during the application of high fat diet were estimated in the rabbit's heart muscle. The animals were divided into three groups. The control group was given the basic diet. The second group received high fat diet, while the third group got high fat diet and one of the 5 hypolipemic drugs (ME3, ME4, clofibrate, diprophylline, cernitin). The specimens from the left ventricle of the heart muscle were evaluated under light microscope for carrying out a number of histological and histochemical examinations, use was also made of electron microscopy. On the basis of the performed studies it has been ascertained that: 1) atherogenic diet in rabbits causes injury involving all the layers of the heart; 2) mechanism originating changes depends on vascular bed diminution, and on primary lesion of the mitochondrial system in cardiomyocytes; 3) the used drugs with hypolipemic action fail to exert favourable influence upon the image of the damaged heart muscle.

PMID: 7503454, UI: 96021674

Sycz K Zakladu Patomorfologii Klinicznej Pomorskiej Akademii Medycznej

Ann Acad Med Stetin 1994;40:97-108