Study 48

The protective effect of pollen extracts against allyl alcohol damage of the liver

Wojcicki J, Hinek A, Samochowiec L

In male Wistar rats the hepatoprotective effect of pollen extracts agains. orally introduced 1% allyl alcohol (0.4 ml per 100 g body weight) was investigated T60 was applied orally at 0.6, 24 and 30 h after allyl alcohol administration. After 48 h an autopsy was performed and blood was collected for biochemical tests. Liver damage was evaluated by measurement of aminotransferases (AspAT, AlAT) and alkaline phosphatase activity, total bilirubin level in the blood serum as well as by histological examination of the livers. T60 significantly reduced the serum enzymes elevations induced by allyl alcohol. The hepatoprotective properties of T60 were confirmed by histopathological studies. Read the Full Study

PMID: 3008684, UI: 86186022

Arch Immunol Ther Exp (Warsz) 1985;33(6):841-9