Study 41

The role of T-60 in cadmium effect on the absorption processes in rat small intestine

Howaniec M, Mekail A, Chroszcz G

The effect of long-term intoxication of cadmium (administered subcutaneously in a dose of 1 mg Cd/kg of body weight once a week for one month) on the absorption of water, sodium, potassium, glucose, glycine and thiamine in the small intestine of rats was investigated. In addition, the influence of T-60 (special pollen extract) on the action of cadmium intoxication was tested. The T-60was given by stomach pump in the form of an aqueous solution of Pollitabs Sport tablets in a dose of 1.5 mg of T-60 and 0.075 mg of GBX per individual twice a week for two weeks or four weeks according to the group of animals tested. The results indicated that long-term administration of cadmium increased the intestinal absorption of all tested substances. Meanwhile, the application of T-60 reduced the effects of cadmium intoxication upon intestinal absorption and the processes of absorption was close to normal.

PMID: 3227868, UI: 89147618

Chair of Human and Animal Physiology
Silesian University, Katowice

Acta Physiol Pol 1988 May-Jun;39(3):188-94