Study 39

The effect of pollen on the changes in the liver of laboratory rats evoked by ethionine, carbon tetrachloride, allyl alcohol and galactosamine

Samochowiec L, Wojcicki J

Doses of 50 mg/kg body weight and 200 mg/kg of T 60 and GBX may be used over 14 days for effective protection of rat liver cells from toxic action of ethionine. Application of CCl4 caused damage to the liver of rats. Such damage may be mitigated by both preparations, particularly by T 60. The damage was further reduced by T60n, following administration of allyl alcohol, with increase in transaminase, phosphatase, and bilirubin activities being used as criteria for measurement. The liver-protecting effect of T60 was confirmed in histopathological investigations. T60 prevented much of the damage actually caused by galactosamine.

PMID: 2619446, UI: 90146775

Arch Exp Veterinarmed 1989;43(4):521-32