Study 32

Effect of pollen extracts on selected biochemical parameters of liver in the course of chronic ammonium fluoride poisoning in rats

Mysliwiec Z

The aim of the paper has been the experimental evaluation of protracted exposure to ammonium-fluoride vapours exerted on selected biochemical parameters in serum as well as microsomal fraction of the liver in animals. An attempt was made to ameliorate eventual changes by using pollen extracts preparation. The experiment was performed on male rats of Wistar strain. The rats were exposed to NH4F in a toxicological chamber with controlled parameters. pollen extract was added to standard diet and given to animals in the form of balls. The studies were carried out after 3 and 6 month-long exposure. The range of the performed studies covered: activity of enzymes (AspAT, AlAT, AP, ChE) and content of bilirubin as well as lipids were studied in the blood serum. Content of proteins, cholesterol and phospholipids was investigated in the liver homogenate. It has been shown that chronic exposure to NH4F vapours causes a rise in the activity of studied aminotransferases and alkaline phosphatase, and a decreases in activity of cholinesterase. The changes in activity were accompanied by an increase in the content of lipids. Prophylactic application of pollen extracts preparation normalizes the disorder involving the studied enzymatic and lipid parameters.

PMID: 8154624, UI: 94205741

Zakladu Toksykologii Instytutu Farmakologii i Toksykologii Pomorskiej Akademii Medycznej

Ann Acad Med Stetin 1993;39:71-85