Study 31

The effect of the pollen extracts on the liver, lungs, and stomach of rats intoxicated with ammonium fluoride

Humiczewska M, Hermach U, Put A

Pollen extracts are not in themselves toxic to rats. When administered at the time of intoxication of the animals with ammonium fluoride, they reduced the noxious effects of the toxic agent in the liver and lungs. It is suggested that pollen extracts might play a protective role during prolonged exposure to ammonium fluoride. Neither ammonium fluoride nor pollen extracts seem to exert any effect on the stomach. Read the Full Study

PMID: 7641944, UI: 95369533

Department of Biology
Pomeranian Medical Academy
Szczecin, Poland

Folia Biol (Krakow) 1994;42(3-4):157-66