Study 18

The Use of an Extract of Organic Pollen, to Stabilize Body Weight and to Increase Resistance Toward Infections

Brief Description of the Product

For centuries the nutritional value of naturally occuring pollen has been recognized by scientists throughout the world. For the first time a commercial source of natural pollen has been made available by Vegeholm, Sweden. These tablets contain T-60, a microbiological extract of pollen, which is organic, unadulterated, and free of contamination. Prior to the extraction of T-60n, the pollen is collected by a patented process (not insect-gathered) from unsprayed plants on a large plantation far removed from industrial wastes or other air-borne contamination. During the preparation of T-60, no synthetic active ingredients are added. These food tablets are completely free from side effects and even pollen-allergic persons have taken large doses without any unforward effects.

The Background of the Study

During the past two years, we have used T-60 in our practice for many diversified complaints and syndromes. Certain results have occurred predominately regardless of the purpose for which the tablet was prescribed. Foremost among these have been increased appetite, weight gain, increased vigor and sense of well being, and decreased susceptibility toward infections. Therefore, it was thought that a football team would make a good preliminary control study to more accurately determine two of these factors in an objective manner: i.e. weight gain and resistance to infection.

Description of the Study

A local high school football team, consisting of thirty active players were selected for this study. The team was divided into two groups; those receiving T-60 and those receiving a standard multiple vitamin preparation. The study covers a period of 15 weeks, the first three of which neither T-60 nor multiple vitamins were used. It was during this initial 3 week period that each player lost excessive weight, in most cases, representing excess adipose tissue. Beginning at the end of the 3rd week, 15 players were started on two T-60 daily and the control group on the multiple vitamins daily.

All medication was administered daily and individually by the coach. A record was kept of the players' weights at weekly intervals and the average weight for the group has been plotted on Graph 1. It can be noted that the group receiving the T-60 regained their pre-season weight after taking the tablets for 7.5 weeks and 4.5 weeks later, at the end of the season, actually showed the Pollitabs group with a 5.5 pound average increase in weight over their preseason level. The group taking the multi-vitamins remained generally constant from the third to fifteenth week, showing no further loss or gain. The opinion has been expressed by impartial former professional players, who have seen this report, that it is almost unheard of for a football player to weigh more at the end of the season than he did before practice started.

Contrast of Study

Graph 2 shows a striking contrast between the two groups regarding the number of days lost from the common cold or influenza. Since the two groups were in close contact physically during the study period and since the selection of the players to take T-60 was made at random without regard to socio-economic or other factors, it is felt that the results are quite significant.


A preliminary control study was performed to determine the comparative weight-building properties and infection-resisting properties of a newly available product, T-60 , as compared to a standard multi-vitamin.

The results show a marked ability of the T-60 to produce better weight gain and increased resistance toward infections. It is felt that further studies are definitely indicated and these are being planned.

This study was performed at the Winter Park High School and under the strict personal supervision of Coach Mosher, and under the direction of Charles E. Noyes, M.D.

Charles E. Noyes, Jr. M.D